Digital Venues

A cluster of websites

Giorgio Buccellati – September 2020

The culture of Mesopotamia is a broken tradition:
there are no living carriers for it, in fact there have been none for over two millennia.
Recovering this culture as it stands behind the brokenness
has been a great scholarly endeavor for some two centuries, and very successfully so.
Digitality is adding a new dimension to this research,
and the websites subsumed under this hub aim to exploit fully its potential.

     The DATA utilized in this Mesopotamian project encompass archaeology and the written texts.
     With regard to primary data, the websites are based on selected and limited corpora, on which is brought to bear a very extensive form of digital analysis, subsumed under the cluster Cybernetica Mesopotamica. With regard to the interpretive literature that has developed over the years and is currently shaping our field, the cluster Four River Banks provides an in depth type of systematic bibliography.

     The PERSPECTIVES from which we look at these data bring us beyond the level of digitality understood as electronic data processing.
     The notion of digital thought refers to the way in which human control is retained over the mechanical process. The latter provides a multilinear array of data and arguments, which parallel human intervention. But, instead of aiming to replace it, as with artificial intelligence, digitality invokes and provokes a depth of human involvement, digital thought, which allows for a new and higher level of creativity.

     The MECHANISMS invoked to realize our goals rely on the implementation of diverse types of websites, clustered under multiple hubs. They share the same philosophical approach to digitality, but with different modalities.
     In principle, we rely fully on the website model and the notion of a browser edition, seen as the best vehicle for allowing the close interaction between a data base and the argument that can be drawn from it – both data bases and arguments being jiontly embedded within any given website.

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